personal strategy

Adjust electricR to fit with your own personal strategical balance between money savings and environmental care

eco friendly KPIs

electricR tells you the best time to charge your EV while reducing your carbon footprint and lowering your global warming impact

money saving

Hooked to real time market electricity prices, you save money when you charge your Electric Vehicle on the right times

Fits all EVs

electricR fits with all brands of electric cars and is working on all smartphones and desktop computers - try it for free now.


It doesn't matter which car you have

Whether you drive a BMW, Nissan or Tesla - electricR is with you. It is using a smart algorithm that tells you when is the best time to charge your EV taking into account millions of variables like the capacity of your car battery, electricity generation sources in your area, weather forecasts, utilization of renewable energy and more.

No worries, hassles or complications

Are you confused when to charge or stop charging? We are too, especially after we analyzed all those complicated variables like electricity spot prices, electricity renewable and non-renewable resources and global carbon emissions... so we just decided to let the computer do what the computer does the best: compute it for us!

Connect to the best charging points

You decide what is important for you: the environment or your money, and electricR will take care of the rest of it - extending the lifespan of your EV battery ,lowering carbon emissions, minimizing global warming, and lowering your power bill as much as possible. You just need to plug-in your EV whenever electricR is recommending you.

Our Vision:

electricR: smart EV KPIs

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our leadership

Eran Ben-Shahar

Eran Ben-Shahar


Eran is a .com veteran with MsC in theoretical physics, holding 20 years of experience in developing web-apps and start-ups and keeping his hand dirty with electricR code development!
Maor Ben-Shahar

Maor Ben-Shahar

Research & Development

Maor worked as a developer for Callaghan Institute, currently doing his master degree in mathematics and physics in Europe. Maor is doing the scientific part of electricR - phew!
Elena Goryacheva

Elena Goryacheva

Business Analysis

Elena has wide experience with IT business & data analysis and product management, since she moved to NZ 7 years ago she helped a couple of startups like FreeAgent, ComHype!

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