/Recycling is important, but only as a last resort

Recycling is important, but only as a last resort

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We all know how important it is to recycle – the environmental impact of the human society, which produces so much rubbish, is shocking; anyone that visited a rubbish dump has viewed those massive horrible hills of rubbish which continue to grow and to fill our planet. Observing the shockingly large number of plastic bags and plastic bottles that float in the ocean has ruined my cruise experience. If we recycled 100% of our rubbish, all that impact would be zero.

Rubbish is filling our planet
Rubbish is filling our planet

Recycling however is the last resort out of three possible actions we should all take. These are the three famous Rs: Reduce – Reuse – Recycle


As first priority, we should all REDUCE our consumption of things which produce rubbish. Imagine all the people of this planet will stop buying 400ml yogurt packages and would instead buy only the larger container of 1liter of yogurt: it means that billions of plastic yogurt containers – 250% less – would be thrown away. That is much better deal than throwing all those plastic containers to the recycling cycle – because recycling is not free: it requires transport and it consumes lots of work and energy, it may also emit all sorts of polluting chemicals. It means that if we reduce as much as we can – we save for the environment more than if we just recycled.

Reducing can be done in many ways: first, try to use big packages instead of small packages. Also try to use products which are not packed at all – for example – instead of purchasing those apples which are individually packed by a vacuum pack, just buy enough non-packed apples for the whole week.


As second priority we should reuse things, instead of throwing them away. Plastic bags are a good example: they could be reused for packaging or for rubbish collection. An old table could be cut and reused as a shelf instead of throwing it away and buying a new shelf. Reduce first, but once you have things – try to reuse them for other purposes.


Once you exhausted all options to reduce consumption and to reuse things, you should aim to recycle as much as you can. This would reduce the amount of rubbish been thrown away and also will reduce the amount of resources we use of our planet.

Recycling is critical to reduce waste and reduce exploiting of non renewable resources
Recycling is critical to reduce waste and reduce exploiting of non renewable resources


ElectricR is helping to reduce power consumption

Now that we understood the priorities between the three Rs, we get to understand that electricR is targeting the highest priority actions in order to maximize your environmental compliance and reduce your personal environmental impact. We do that by recommending you when is the best time to charge your EV: in some hours of the day, electricity is generated by means which have much greater impact on the environment than in other times of the day. By charging your EV on the right times, you may dramatically reduce your carbon footprint and other negative environmental impacts. The App is very simple to use and is just letting you know when is the best time to plug in your car to the grid, it also gives you a forecast when it would be the best time to charge your EV, so you can pre-plan and choose when is the best comfortable time for you to plug in, taking into account the potential environmental impact. Good luck and if any questions, please comment below.